Monday, November 15, 2010

Takitsuba Matsuri

I really should be cramming for my JLPT exam coming up in 3 weeks but I'm getting VERY distracted with all the lovesickness for T&T and Takki. Hahha... Just stayed up until 3am yesterday to watch "Document of Takizawa Kabuki" (Disc 3) and omigoshh... i am so full of LOVE & R E S P E C T for Tono but that, shall warrant another entry. Haha...

I thought I should update my blog more often since i am not working now. But i find my layout going a bit bonkers. Like the background sometimes just disappear?? I haven't changed it since er.. 3 years ago, as a commemoration when Tono turned 25. The truth is, i am clueless how to create a new layout even if i wanted to. Anyone wants to help? Dithers? Moonie 001? *runs away*

Anyway, i just wanted to jot down some post 滝翼祭 concert feelings and comments. I am unable to write a proper report anymore because i didn't take notes or anything, and i can't remember what happened when! Dakara, my following comments will be totally random. Like me, haha.

- Am grateful that there's little concert goods this time. Save me money and lugging heavy luggage to/fro Narita airport! And i seriously have no space at the moment to keep my growing T&T collection. >.<

- Am so glad we made uchiwas this time cos we were right between the hanamichi (opposite the oyako seats) and centre stage and both Ts came by and stopped there so many times!! But until now, i still don't know if Takki saw our uchiwas because he was always looking above and ahead of us. The times when he did look down, i don't know if he registered anything because the spotlights were in his eyes. Tsubasa i know FOR SURE, he saw. Because he made this sort of smirk? grin? on his face after seeing them. And we were all like kyahhing away. Hahaha...

- I was speculating maybe Takki saw but since he got bad eyesight, he saw "シングル発売" instead of "シンガポール"???!

- Tsubasa mentioned overseas fans during one of the MCs, he didn't mention us. =__=;;; He said Taiwan and China??

- Reminds me of a hilarious comment that a Taiwanese fan told us. She said the boys used once said, "oh, we have overseas from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Peking today." But anoo..... they are all cities from the same country!!! &^B&CN*X*!&C! OK, maybe they really don't know where/what Singapore is. I once joked to my Japanese friends that Singapore is someone in Inner Mongolia and they actually believed me!!! (Makes a mental note to attach world map with Singapore marked out in next email to Avex and TakiChannel)

- There were visibly more T&T, Takki or Tsubasa uchiwas in the audience this time. Junior fans ni makenai kara. Yoshaaaa!!

- I saw this group of young Japanese girls with uchiwas that read "翼(or was it 283?)、秀明(or a variation of Takki's names), 無限に好き". Ureshii. =)

- I touched one of the Mis-Snowman boys when they came down to the centre block to dance, but alas, i don't know his name. And his face is fast fading from my memory (if not already). Is it Watanabe or something?? I thought i better find out because the last time when i was sooo near to a Junior during Takki's Dream Boy and didn't know who he was, it turned out to be Kame!! Kame was standing right in front of me but all i was thinking then was "Ehhh, not Jin".

- The tension for 5 Nov show was really really HIGH from the start. Usually, we need some time to warm up, but i think all of us really missed seeing them together after 2.5 years hiatus. The crowd was superb, and i think the tension may even beat that of senshuuraku. Tanoshikatta!! I screamed so much, I lost my voice on Day 1. LOL.

- Tsubasa was all SMILES when they first exploded on stage on 5 Nov. I remembered thinking "woah, he looks damn happy!" and that stole my attention from Takki for a while. :P

- I wondered if Takki was tense at the beginning because he's afraid of loud sounds and fireworks. Haha~~~~

- BUT, OMG, Takki was kira kira, kira kira, as always! Are there elves or fairies scattering gold dust around him all the time? It's like he has GOLD COLOUR CHAKRA, always glowing. And he was smiling a lot! Oh gosh, everytime i see his solo dimple and impossibly cute inverted-v eyes (like this: ^-^), 溶けちゃう...

- Takki went under Uesato during i-forgot-what-song right beside our seats!! Omg, CHOU MOE! The kakkoii meter just shot through the YokoAre roof. Uesato has grown to become quite an ikemen, but i was telling Car and Syl he had this "i know i am kakkoii" look. Hahha... Takki still beat him hands/feet/head/chest down though. I think Uesato may have seen our uchiwas cos he stayed there even after Takki ran off.

- Tsubasa shook his bonbons at the camera a lot. XD And he sure swung his hips way more than Tono in Ai wa Takaramono.

- We LOVED the huge vertical screens at the concert this time. They were much clearer than the in-built arena ones, and sooo grand. We should have them for every concert!!! (For fans with poor eyesight like me...)

- I didn't get to see Tono's 8 packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, they only stripped on Sunday's noon show, which was the only show we didn't go for. =_____= *runs off to watch topless Takki practising drums in Kabuki DVD*

- Tsubasa permed his hair somewhat but i thought it looked pretty okay on him.

- Tsubasa was very funny during Takitsuba Ondo. He and Takki had to this head-turning kabuki thingy at one part and Tsubasa always struggled with it. Hahhaha..........

- During the TakkixTsubasa cheer, when Takki got "mad" and used his hands to tell us to use our diaphragm to yell louder for him, his actions were so funny!

- I LOVE To Be or Not To Be. That song always make me very high. And the T&T wrestle on stage after that (or maybe i got the wrong song), moemashita. Woohoo~ Then there were the dorky kime-poses they did after that, with Tsubasa kneeling on one knee and Takki in a variety of ridiculous poses. Hahhaha... T&T rashii! XD

- How everyone gasped when Takki didn't catch his stick during Serenade for senshuuraku. It totally fell off the stage and some staff had to pick it for him. When the song ended, Takki pretended to be upset with himself and kept practising on stage. Tsubasa was poking fun at him, telling us, "and he was telling me we have to do a perfect one for the dvd...". LOL.

- I love the live acoustic rendition of "Arigatou". And i dunno was it cos they were terekusai, but they sang the song facing different directions. Ufu. And did they really write the lyrics while lying on a 草原, with a picnic prepared by Takki? LOL.

- I love the fact that there were no solo corners. That they both stayed on stage and sang the solos of each T together. Very strong unit spirit. =)

- Takki's joke about how their new song should be re-named "Ai wa Diamond" when all the fans were yelling for "Diamond" when they wanted to sing "Ai wa Takaramono". LOL.

- I thought Tsubasa's singing improved a lot. It's richer now compared to when they first debuted.

- I was speechless when the intro of Epilogue started. How long has it been since i heard BOTH of them singing this live??? 感動しすぎて、泣きそうだった。

- Everyone rushing to grab the silver and gold stars, the coloured paper, the streamers with T&T logo and whatever else that dropped from the sky the moment the concert ended. Oh man, YokoAre should employ us! We are better than any cleaning staff!

- Senshuuraku show: I heard the most united and loudest TakkixTsubasa cheer EVER. The whole stadium was chanting in unison (not sporadic). "Takki! *clap clap* Tsubasa *clap clap*" I could feel the arena rumbling. And they kept us chanting a long time too, cos they started 10 min late. Felt so shiawase there... And there was an obaasan sitting behind me who's a Takki yori fan. Oh man, she is super on and LOUD! *thumbs up* I wanted to say "Otsukare sama" to her before we left the arena. Haha.

- T&T thanked the fans like a thousand times. 待ってくれて、ありがとうって。=)

- A non-fan friend who went for the concerts told me T&T fans are hardcore. She said everyone knew the furitsuke and she was struggling to follow! (I am still trying to remember the ones for Ai wa Takaramono!)

- Overall, the Matsuri concerts were fantabulous!! They go all the way up to the top of my list to share the first spot with Harucon! They were really really fun, with lots of unit love. I haven't enjoyed myself that much in a while. And most importantly, T&T looked so happy thoughout!!! 滝翼、お帰り!!

End of totally random and non-choronological report. Will add on as i recall.

Ahhh!! I need my Vitamin T!

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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Life is too short to waste.

Do the things you want to do,
Go the places you want to go,
Be the person you want to be.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010





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Sunday, November 22, 2009


And so, 3 years 1 month and 6 days later, my journey in Japan came to an end. Moving home turned out to be a hectic, tiring, expensive and most of all, emotional business. All the memories that came flooding back as I packed my stuff. All the things I have to let go. And all the things that I will miss.

I will miss living alone.
I will miss the delicious tomatoes.
I will miss the cool weather. (but GLAD to escape winter)
I will miss my handphone. (and the blinking blue LED)
I will miss its emoticons.
I will miss the refreshing cucumbers.
I will miss the highly complicated but efficient train system.
I will miss the morning wideshows.
I will miss the bagels.
I will miss my bed.
And I will miss some people.

Many things I will miss, but also several that I am glad to get away from. I look forward to life back home again. The sunny island may remain small, but I feel my horizons and thinking have definitely widened. I now have a better idea of how I want my life to be.




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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Takki & Tsubasa 7th Anniversary

2 days late but...


Fellow T&T fans, Azuki and Kat got the overseas fans together to make a collaborative congratulatory video. I think it's so cute! Haha. Hope T&T sees it themselves! (And i am still wondering why the Merlion doesn't appear in the vid despite there being so many Singaporean contributors. LOL)

Spot me in the vid! =P

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

"Make that change"

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

I cried when i watched this clip.

I have been humming this song since the day Michael Jackson passed away. I loved it when i first heard it at his concert. And i rem how a few years later, my hockey coach played it to us, to teach us about changing ourselves for the team and unity. And it is also this song, that made me and my sister turned into somewhat environmentalists. We became very concerned about recycling (though not easy to accomplish in Singapore) and not wasting paper (for the record, i went through FOUR years of university education without using a single stack of foolscap. Except for the exams and term papers which i have no choice, EVERYTHING ELSE on rough paper).

This clip was in the concert VHS (thank goodness there is Youtube) that me and my sis bought and when we saw the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G crowd waving their arms in the air to his singing, we coined the term "ba hu effect". Haha. (Note: "ba hu" as in pork floss. Because there were sooooo many hands, they really looked like ba hu swaying in the wind.)

Anyway now that i am older, i think i appreciate the lyrics so much more. They really go deep and make you think. Plus MJ sang it with such clarity, power and energy, i can understand why the crowd, from young girls to grown-up men were crying. Oh gosh, i am suddenly SO GLAD i saw him perform this live!!!! And i wish everyone could have experienced his performance. I rem when he talked, he is soooo soft-spoken and gentle, but the moment he starts singing, he became this amazing powerful being. Never seen any other performer like him.

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make the change

Such a mesmerising star, is he really gone?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Concert withdrawal symptoms

I miss Takki.
I miss Takisama.
I miss TakiRanger.
I miss Takizawa Souchou.
Oh gawd, i miss him. =333

Is he seriously 27-yr-old? LOL.

The three concerts have been FANTABULOUS!!!
Never mind the big bruise on my knee when i fell while running to Yokohama Arena. (haha)
Never mind the fact that halfway through, it become a "Power Ranger" show.
If Takki wants to act out his fantasies, we will gladly play along. =P
I will feed TakiRanger his "three bowls of rice". LOL.

Our boy can just morph from a pilot >>> idol >>> gangster chief >>> idol >>> TakiRanger >>> idol >>> Takisama >>> idol... Otsukare sama de gozaimasu. m(_~_)m

i REALLY enjoyed the concerts so much!!
I laughed and laughed until i got a wrinkle around my mouth!
Demo Takki no tame dattara, maa ii ka!

Haven't laughed so much in a while,
and i really forgot all the sucky stuff in RL and was truly happy during the three concerts.


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